It cannot be just a coincidence. Brilliant Polish mathematicians and cryptographers before World War II. Ambitious computer constructors after the war. Currently, the world elite of algorithmicians and programmers.

Exact thinking, imagination, creativity, passion for creating and for pushing the limits – these are the features which distinguish and connect different generations – our hope for the future.

PoLAND of IT masters


„From the Polish School of Mathematics to the Polish school of algorithmics and programming – about IT specialists, a Polish gold mine

This project shows Poland as a country with high intellectual potential, and especially rich in world-class specialists in the field of algorithmics and programming – that is, the most sought-after qualifications in the digital world.

PoLAND of IT masters

Campaign ambassadors

We are glad that our project is supported by many wonderful people – including: professors Jan Madey, Krzysztof Diks; Presidents Adam Góral, Janusz Filipiak, Adam Kiciński, Maciej Popowicz; winners of olympics and programming championships: Andrzej Gąsienica-Samek, Mark Cygan, Krzysztof Onak, Jarosław Kwiecień; concern representatives – Intel: Victor Canseco and Google: Ewa Maciaś.

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

2nd place

in the number of medals won (gold, silver and bronze in total) since the beginning of the games

International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

first place

of the University of Warsaw among universities reaching the Finals (2 Championships and 2 Vice-Championships)

HackerRank – Best Developers Ranking

3rd place

in the ranking in terms of all specializations included in the analysis

PoLAND of IT masters

The main movie of the campaign


It shows outstanding young Polish IT specialists and companies that draw on their experience – both startups and renowned Polish and foreign companies.

Additional spots of the campaign

Polish school of algorythmics and programming

Polish video games – entertainment, creativity

Polish gold mine

PoLAND of IT masters

Folder of the campaign

The folder presents the successes of Polish IT specialists, their sources (dating back to the Polish mathematics school and the first Polish computers), as well as the fruits of these successes – in the form of Polish IT companies.

The material is available in paper and electronic form.
Folder in Polish
Folder in English

The „PoLAND of IT masters” project is implemented by the Polish Information Processing Society.


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